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It may seem to you that these questions asked are not necessary, but in fact, I do need the honest answers to make proper decisions about picking loving forever homes for my puppies, as well as to place the correct type of puppy, with a certain home. This is in the best interest not only for you as the potential owner, but in the best interests of my puppies too. These questions and answers can point out possible fatal situations we need to avoid.

To be able to breed or show your puppy, you have to take a Breeding puppy and not a pet puppy.

(Only after we receive this completed form back, will you be added to our potential Waiting List)

  Please complete the fields below:
  Residential Address
  Telephone (H)
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  Cellular Number
  Email Address
  Alternative Contact Number
  Do you have any other pets in your home? I so, please list them here:
  Why were you attracted to an English Mastiff?
  If we feel that a puppy will fit into your lifestyle, which sex would you prefer?:
  Are you interested in showing your English Mastiff at dog shows? Please elaborate
  Are you planning to breed English Mastiffs?
  If yes – do you have any other English Mastiffs to breed with?
  Are they KUSA registered? Please elaborate
  Are you aware that we do not tolerate unregistered breedings with our puppies?
  If you want to breed, are you aware that we will insist on health checks on our puppy, before lifting the Breed restriction?
  Will you be able to get your puppy properly socialised with people and other animals?
  What is the name of your current vet and which hospital?
  Are you as a family prepared to visit us, prior to any purchase arrangement?
  Are you familiar with the info on our website regarding the breed? e.g. breed info, origins, health info & breed standard
  What can you tell us about yourself as potential or existing caretaker and owner of an English Mastiff?

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